We live in a connected world where “Big Data,” people,
machines, and processes are interlinked in
an Internet of Everything

15 billion Internet-enabled devices
Data from customers and partners
Social media data
Data comes from all corners of the enterprise and doubles every 18 months

And much of it is “Dark Data” – data hidden in silos and not typically kept in your data warehouse…

The people who need data most don’t have access to it. Immense value can be
unleashed by connecting this information to the work we do every day.

The Opportunity…

Unlock the data…
Connect data with the people who need it… in ways that make sense to them.
Make faster, smarter decisions that drive competitive advantage.
That’s the power of collective insight.

SAP Analytics
Unleash the Power of Collective Insight

Engage. Rapidly connect people, data, and processes to understand the business.
Visualize. Intuitively explore and present data to reveal new insights at-a-glance.
Predict. Confidently anticipate what comes next to drive better business outcomes.

Unleash the Power of Collective Insight